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Branding has a direct correlation to sales. Poor branding results in poor sales. Average branding equals average sales and great branding brings about great sales.

Thus your branding errors (blunders) can drastically affect your sales. Under listed are 5 very common brand blunders a lot of companies (not limited to but commoner in Nigeria) commit.

#1. Use of Personal or Local Names

You must understand you are not setting up a business for yourself but for people. Your business is servicing people, not yourself. Therefore, you can’t afford to be sentimental or use personal bias in choosing a business identity. Smart people consult experts before settling for a particular identity.

I have seen several companies with great ideas and services but poorly chosen identity. The commonest in Nigeria is the use of local or personal names. While this has worked well for a lot of foreign establishments such as Henry Ford, Hewlett Packard, Dell, J.P Morgan, etc. It’s not the same in Nigeria. The primary reason why this works out there is because of the uni-ethnicity. No multi-tribal factors. Everyone speaks English and can relate well with the English names. Nigeria on the other hand is a multi-ethnic nation. You can’t apply the same principle over here. Using your personal local/tribal name as your business name might generally to appeal to people from other tribes. Always use a central name that doesn’t point to any locality. For example; more people would prefer to patronize Roberts Construction Limited as opposed to Adekola Constructions Limited (all other factors being equal).

There’s a particular Nigerian electronics brand called Adebowale. It has been in existence for some time perhaps not so popular due to poor patronage. I personally believe it’s good quality product. But ask yourself, if you were going to buy a fridge. Which would you buy? Hiaer Thermacool or Adebowale Fridge? I guess you would go with the first option.

#2. Use of Personal Emails

You see a good product or company file nicely done only to look at the back and see contact details like: or It presents your business as being un-serious and solely dependent on you. This is just wrong and will put off potential clients. Try getting a custom email such as

#3. White Images

This is another very common mistake Nigerian brands make. Use of white people to showcase your brand staff and products. This make you look far from being genuine and will certainly put off your potential customers.

#4. Non-functional Phone Numbers

It is not enough to put contact phone numbers. They must be working with and promptly responded to. A lot of businesses lack this. You would have to call several times before you eventually get a response.

#5. Poor graphics design

Graphics is everything when it comes to the way people perceive your brand. Nigerian companies often pay very little attention to this and often invest less in getting a good design. If you do not invest well enough in getting good graphics for your business, you would struggle to keep the business alive. If your designs are not neat and very nice, they won’t attract enough customers. Believe this or not; what first attracts a customer is your graphic design.

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