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Inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards. It is sometimes subconscious whereby the individual might not even know he or she has it. Anybody could be affected at any point in life. No one is born with inferiority complex, our background, upbringing and unpleasant life experiences often make us begin to doubt our own selves.

Dealing with this early is very critical to your success in life and business. A man who constantly sees himself as inferior to others will find it difficult to succeed or do well in business. As mentioned earlier, this could affect anybody at any point in life regardless of your educational status. I have met medical doctors and even Msc holders suffer from it. Degrees don’t exempt anyone.

What’s the cause you ask? My answer is anything; negative life experiences, level of literacy or one’s physical appearance.

So with that being said, how do you deal with it? I have structured an easy way out.

STEP 1: Find the black spots.

The very first step is to find out why you feel that way? People suffer for different reasons. Ask yourself what’s causing mine? A lot of people find it difficult to answer this because oftentimes, they don’t know why. I have listed out a couple of questions that can help you discover why.

What are the things about me that I’m unhappy about?

What do I envy in people?

Do I feel I’m good looking enough? If No, what exactly don’t I like about my body?

What are the things I tend to shy away from?

What about me would I do anything to hide a way from people?

Sincerely answering these would definitely point you to the things that make you feel inferior. Acknowledge and take note of them.

STEP 2: Develop your strength.

Most of the reasons you uncovered in Step 1 are more or less like your weaknesses. However, when it comes to dealing with inferiority complex, the problem is not to work on your weaknesses but to focus on and develop your strength. The problem is we often concentrate on what is inadequate in us that we forget to appreciate what is good about us. To deal with inferiority complex effectively, you must appreciate your strength.

I attended King’s College together with the famous music producer Cobams Asuquo. If you know Cobams, it’s no news that he’s visually impaired. He had every reason to feel inferior and allow that overshadow his musical prowess but he didn’t. Today, he’s so successful that even a full sighted human being would feel inferior standing near Cobams. He is signed as a song writer to Sony ATV London and listed as one of the most expensive producers in the country charging half a million naira for a single track. Same with Stevie Wonder. South Africa’s Oscar Pretorius is another success story in Athletics. No matter the weaknesses you have that make you feel inferior, there are things superior about you, focus on them. Inferiority complex stems from poor self-worth but developing your strength increases your self-worth and helps you begin to see yourself in a more positive way.

STEP 3: Fill the gap in your brain

Perhaps, you have gone through step 1 and 2, yet none of them applies to you. This step will definitely help. I know of a very beautiful female medical doctor who feels a certain degree of inferiority complex. When we talked, her reason for feeling inferior was because she feels she is talent-less. There was nothing she could confidently say she was good at and that made her feel less worthy. She could not hold up any conversation on any topic either. I recommended that she reads more on various topics outside medicine and also got her books to read including books on personal development and politics. Within 2 weeks, she felt awesome about herself and easily generated more creative business ideas.

Even if you feel you’ve got no particular talent. My dear, you have a brain which is way better than any talent. Fill up your brain and put it to work. You can master anything in life if you equip yourself with enough knowledge. As a matter of fact, filling your brain with enough knowledge helps you drive away the feeling of inferiority. We often fill intimidated when we meet people who know a lot more than we do about various aspects of life. When you have an equipped brain, you will find out that your social skills and ability to interact with people becomes better. You feel less shy and inferior; you tend to talk more because you always have something valuable to say and before you know it, you will move from feeling inferior to having huge confidence. An empty brain will make you feel intimidated and worthless.

Recognize your weaknesses but more importantly focus on and develop your strength. Equip yourself with more knowledge outside your regular job and you will certainly feel better and more confident in yourself.

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