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Your choice of color may the reason your business is not moving.

It is not enough to brand your business color based on your own personal favorite color. You must understand that your business is directed to the general public not you and therefore it would be wrong to set it up based on your personal bias. I have met a lot of businesses with great models ruined by their brand color because it was not professionally chosen.

For the purpose of brevity to avoid turning this post into a textbook, I will be highlighting the effects of common colors on the human mind and how they affect your sales. This subject of color and their influence on sales is lot more than can be published in a single article. If you would like to have deeper insight and apply to your business, you might have to consult me on that and I would be more than glad to help. For now, this should suffice in enlighten you on the subject.

Your eyes are connected to your brain

Like all other visuals, anything you set your eyes on has a way of stimulating your brain either positively or negatively. Similarly, colors have psychological effects on the brain and as a result evoke different emotions in consumers. These emotions are very subtle and even the consumer is unaware, yet they influence the decision to purchase or not.

As a matter of fact even different shades of the same color have different psychological effects.

Colors and their brand appropriateness

Bright colors (red, orange, deep yellow, lemon green) are well ideal for product branding. On sighting, they quickly grab the consumer’s attention and increase their mental alertness.

Dull colors (brown, grey, deep green, deep blue) are less likely to captivate attentions. They are not ideal for branding a commercial product and should be avoided where possible.

Some other colors are ideal depending on your major target audience. For example if your consumers are ladies; feminine associated colors are ideal: pink, red, purple, gold

If your sole target consumers are males; masculine associated colors are preferred. Eg: Blue, Black, White.

Where target audience or your consumers are kids, a mixture of at least 3 bright colors would do as colors variants are captivating for kids.

A quick test:

Having said that brighter colors are more ideal for branding your products and services compared to duller ones. Let’s perform a quick test to see this:

Imagine you need to open a bank account and you have two options. You do not have any prior knowledge of any of the two banks except for their logos. Based on their logos which one are you likely to bank with?


When asked which of the brands would they prefer to bank with, majority chose the second option. The reason for this choice, they could not particularly tell other than the fact that it is more visually appealing compared to the first. Yet the only difference is a brighter orange color in the second one.

More Practical Life Examples:

Let’s take a look at banks in Nigeria. When you carefully observe, you will find that the customer favorite ones are all branded in bright colors compared to others. This is no mere coincidence. See below:

Consumer favorites:

Banks with lesser customer base:


It is important to however note that some banks have begun re-branding to include brighter colors.

An example of a bank whose re-branding had contributed much to their customer base and success is Diamond Bank. Diamond wasn’t a bank with much to associate with until they re-branded. Bright colors add life to your business and give a positive energy to your audience.


So many other banks have begun doing the needful re-branding into brighter colors. Some though rebranded but are still not there yet not to mention names. I would leave you to pick out which ones can still be better branded.



Please feel free to comment below if you’ve got questions and more to say on this subject. Thank you.

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