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Brand Seduction… Learn how to attract your customers

brand seduction

A brand is a distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, word, sentence or a combination of these items that companies use to distinguish their product from others in the market.

Key phrase to note here is the purpose for branding to distinguish a product from other alternatives in the market. But in today’s fierce market with so many competitions, it is not enough to just brand your product or make it look different. You must brand your products to seduce and lure the consumers to yourself. A lot of the time, people make purchases based on emotions and not logical reasoning.

Emotions First

The mood, feeling, and attitude that your brand presents to the world are processed in seconds. Consumers can make the decision to buy (or not buy) your product in a fraction of that time. This is why it is extremely important to focus on how your brand is perceived by your target audience. Have you ever bought something before only to get home to realize you didn’t actually need to buy it? Sure this must have happened to you a couple of times. The reason is simple you bought out of pure emotions.

A lot of companies in Nigeria today pay very little attention to proper branding and public perception. The danger with this is that such businesses would never reach their maximum potential.

The Seduction Process

To seduce (verb) is to cause someone to do something that they would not usually consider doing by being very attractive and difficult to refuse. Attraction is the magic!!!

In a study on brand seduction observed in a supermarket using the body lotion section as a case study. 20 different new brands of body lotion arranged evenly on a shelf (to exclude the bias of trusted brand names). Apart from a small fraction of buyers who came looking for a specific brand they were already using. The following were observed for all the other buyers:

  1. Each buyer picked only about 4-7 different lotion brands to read more on what is written on them before eventually buying one. (No buyer picked up to 10 not to talk of the all the 20)
  2. The brands people had interest in (observed by the buyers taking them off the shelf to see more on what is written on them) were the same in over 70% of the cases.
  3. The brands people were most interested in had very stunning design and packaging.


When some of the buyers were later asked randomly why they selected whichever lotion they picked, the answer was nothing close to logical. These were some of the responses given. (Researchers’ thoughts in parenthesis)

  • I just want to try it. (Why not try any of the other 19)
  • I just want to try something new (But the remaining 19 are all new brands too)
  • It want something that would work (How did you derive that your choice of lotion out of the remaining 19 is the one that would work)

Clearly, there was more than just logical reasoning to their purchase. It’s was the ability of the most selected brands to seduce and lure the buyers away from having any interest in the remaining 19. Ever wondered why the pack of most chocolates is mouthwatering? Seduction!

Principles don’t change

A man can be easily seduced by a woman he finds attractive and vice versa. Humans are humans both in the bedroom and in the shopping mall. The principle that governs seduction remains the same. People are drawn towards their attractions. The product must look attractive and tempting for it to sell.

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