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MARKETING FOR STARTUPS: Start off with a sellable idea not a great idea

Marketing is a crucial part of any organization or business. As a matter of fact, marketing is just as important as any other department in any organization. In my opinion, it’s the most important part of any business because marketing goals will often influence your entire business model.

However marketing has been seen by most startup companies as something you do later in business when you have enough money for it. Often enough, I meet young business owners with great business ideas and when I ask them how they intend to market their new business, they reply “Oh, I just want to start first. Marketing will be later”. This mentality is the number 1 killer of startup companies.

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A call came through on my phone during one of my marketing consulting sessions at a company. It was from a lady whose company organizes a corporate Christmas party every year. I had indicated interest to attend the previous year but due to busy traveling schedule in December, I was unable to attend. All through the period, she had tried to reach me but to no avail. Four months after the event, she called again. I had even forgotten about her till she introduced herself. She lamented on how she had tried reaching me tirelessly and that it really got her worried so she was calling to check I was okay and that nothing bad happened. Apparently this was four months later. The event was done so she wasn’t trying to sell it to me. This time she was just sincerely checking to be sure nothing bad had happened since I was not picking my calls.

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Inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards. It is sometimes subconscious whereby the individual might not even know he or she has it. Anybody could be affected at any point in life. No one is born with inferiority complex, our background, upbringing and unpleasant life experiences often make us begin to doubt our own selves.

Dealing with this early is very critical to your success in life and business. A man who constantly sees himself as inferior to others will find it difficult to succeed or do well in business. As mentioned earlier, this could affect anybody at any point in life regardless of your educational status. I have met medical doctors and even Msc holders suffer from it. Degrees don’t exempt anyone.

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