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The footage you are about to watch is a short excerpt from an interview BBC had with James Quincey, President of Coca-Cola (Europe).

Why I decided to post this interview

The aim of this post isn’t to show or debate the sugar quantity of coke but buttress the necessity for every business owner to personally develop good oratory and public relations skills as this would come handy more often than not when it comes to verbally selling their brand. Quincey (perhaps not prepared for the question) totally failed to represent coke well in this interview. One would wonder how many customers the brand would have lost worldwide because of Quincey’s failure to make valid points in favor of the brand. As a business owner you must learn to sell your products and service through good oratory and logical statements to convince your customers your brand is good for patronage.


3 Marketing lessons to learn from this interview

  1. Train yourself to be a good orator.
  2. There’s a disadvantage to using virtually every product out there. Learn about the down-side of your product(s) and come up with ways of defending their use despite those disadvantages to help maintain a positive brand image.
  3. While being honest about the downside of your product to your customers, you must be able to buttress on the advantages in such a way that the advantage outsells the disadvantage. I recommend you watch the movie “Thank you for smoking”. A must for every business owner and salesman out there.
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