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In this article, I will be explaining to you; how you can easily get a lot of customers through just 5 people. This method is proven based on research and statistics.

It’s no news that word of mouth is an effective and cheapest way to market your products and services. However, a lot of people do not know how to use word of mouth effectively. It’s all about the rule of 6.

The 6 Degrees of Separation

It’s a theory that says; everyone on the planet is connected to every other person through a chain of 5 contacts. In other words, you + 5 other people you know can eventually know and contact every other person on earth. So by getting in touch with someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone, you can reach anybody.

An experiment by social scientist, Stanley Milgram called The small world experiment further proves the effectiveness of 6 degree separation concept.

He chose 2 cities in United States believed to have the farthest distance between them; Omaha and Boston. He gave people some packages asking them to deliver it to a complete stranger in Boston. The people delivering the packages knew nothing about the recipient except the recipient’s name. It’s like someone sending you from Sokoto to deliver a package to one John Roberts in Lekki, Lagos without an exact address or form of identification.

You would expect that this would take scores and hundreds of contact links to locate the person but surprisingly it only took a link of 5 to 7 people to get the package delivered to the person. All they did was to ask someone who asked someone who asked someone and before a contact link of 5-7 people, the package was delivered

Applying this to get more customers

Similarly, you can apply this in business. All you need is to tell at least 5 people whom you think might know someone who needs your services or products. Notice it’s not just about telling 5 random people. Word of mouth works best when the right people (not just people) are aware. I mean telling people whom you think might know someone who needs your services. Eg: If you sell building materials, it would be wiser to ensure your 5 contact links include; an Estate agent, A contractor, Civil Engineer, rather than a doctor or a photographer, etc.

Don’t just build a link with 5 people who are not likely to refer customers to you. If you do this right, all you need is 5 people to get to someone who needs your products/services.


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