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A call came through on my phone during one of my marketing consulting sessions at a company. It was from a lady whose company organizes a corporate Christmas party every year. I had indicated interest to attend the previous year but due to busy traveling schedule in December, I was unable to attend. All through the period, she had tried to reach me but to no avail. Four months after the event, she called again. I had even forgotten about her till she introduced herself. She lamented on how she had tried reaching me tirelessly and that it really got her worried so she was calling to check I was okay and that nothing bad happened. Apparently this was four months later. The event was done so she wasn’t trying to sell it to me. This time she was just sincerely checking to be sure nothing bad had happened since I was not picking my calls.

I was really impressed at how much the organization cares about their customers even when they have nothing to sell at the moment. This single act completely won my loyalty and I made up my mind to attend their next event. If not for anything, at least to see the face that really cared enough to check if I was alright.

Lesson to Learn

Most businesses show all the care just to convert a customer then relax once they seal the deal or simply write off an unyielding lead which is a bigger mistake marketers make. Throwing potential leads away simply because you could not get them to do business with you is never a wise strategy. That you were unable to close a deal or get a prospective client to patronize you today does not mean there won’t be opportunities for future businesses with that person tomorrow.

Marketers and business owners must learn customers are human beings and not robots. They have feelings and emotions which is what actually determines whether they would do business with you or not. People patronize the brand they trust. So if you haven’t earned their trust to patronize you, it’s often because you have not struck their heart and emotions as someone that truly cares about meeting their needs. Therefore all you need to do is to still keep in touch and show you care more than just what you want to gain from them.

Little things like birthday messages or checkup calls can do a lot of magic. Take for example the SMS below:

“Dear Clara, we care about your health and that’s why we are bringing the meningitis outbreak to your notice. It’s currently spreading and we want you to take precautions. Kindly click link to read more on prevention. TOYOTA Loves You”

Toyota is an automobile brand and Clara (the prospective lead). The SMS isn’t directed towards getting the Clara to buy a car but towards showing her how much they truly care about her whether she is a customer or not. I tell you, with messages like this; soon enough, Clara begins to subconsciously like the Toyota brand and might eventually buy a Toyota car.


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