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Quotes By Raphael

Nothing is too expensive to sell. The solution to poor sales of any product or service is not always to reduce the price.

Business is not something you do by theory and paper statistics alone. Remember you are dealing with human beings. You must understand the way humans think for you to be successful in business.

Rich people don’t trust cheap products. You must know your targeted customers before putting a price on your goods.

If you’ve got a dream. Understand it’s God given, nurture it. Everything you need to actualize it is out there and there are no limits out there except for the ones you set for yourself.

It’s not what you sell that matters. What matters is who’s aware of it. Are the people who are truly in need of it aware? Marketing is all about targeting the right people. That’s what differentiates it from publicity. Unfortunately, what a lot of businesses do today is publicity.