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Funny iPhone7 Prank: Things you should know about your customers

The iPhone 7 would be commercially out today. However I stumbled upon this iPhone 7 prank video by Jimmy Kimmel few days ago. The video was quite hilarious as it exposes how the human mind works and there are sales lessons I would like to share with you.

I run a unique marketing model called NEUROMARKETING. It’s a scientifically and statistically proven method of marketing which deals with how the human mind works and how you can apply this knowledge in getting consumers to buy whatever you sell or offer them without hesitation.

A lot of the clients I consult for especially in the area of sales and marketing are often trilled and amazed about how easy it is to sell anything just by applying the principles of Neuromarketing I teach them. You can contact me if you like to consider applying this to build your business.

Back to the video, there are some Neuromarketing lessons about customers I like to share with you. Kindly watch!


The lessons I am extrapolating from this video are more suited for people involved in manufacturing. However if you are just into retailing or providing services, there are ways you can apply these lessons too. See below…

Customers always want something new

“New” sells! People easily get attracted to new things whether it’s better than the former or not. Everyone wants a change at some point even when the new doesn’t necessarily beat the old. It is often argued that this is the same psychology (if unchecked) that causes people to cheat in relationships when a new guy or a new girl comes around the corner. It’s what drives new fashion trends. Otherwise how do you explain the image below: Is the newer 2016 jean on the right really better than the older conventional one on the left? Of course not. It’s just part of the psychology of the human mind to go with anything newer.




Never let your customers get used to your product for too long before providing newer and better options. If they do, it’s only a matter of time, once there is a new counterpart in the market, you would have to struggle to keep customers. The only way you can win their loyalty is to stay innovative. This is the secret behind the success of Car manufacturing companies like Toyota who churn out new car models yearly (Eg: Toyota Camry, …2008,2009,2010,2012,2014,2015,2016) compared to Volkswagen who rarely release new models frequently.

Even if you do not manufacture and all you do is provide services, remain innovative in your modus operandi. Think of newer and better ways to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Customers are not interested in extreme change

Just a little innovation or slight change in the way you operate would do the magic. The users in this video were satisfied with the way the phone operated. Their psychology played them into thinking the phone operated internally better meanwhile the only thing that was changed is the case. You would be surprised about how modifying the regular shape of a juice container or just writing NEW on a product label can deceive customers into thinking it tastes better.

Customers are opportunistic

These users clearly did not have any intention of spending a $50 bill on their way out. They eagerly paid the money because they saw an opportunity. Who is to create the opportunity? You as the business owner of course.

If your business is not moving well, one question to ask is; Do you create opportunities for people to patronize you? You say “Well Raphael, how do I do that?” ‘

Have you ever gone to a typical Nigerian weekend party before like a wedding, you would agree with me you need not take your photographer or change your currency into smaller denominations so you can spray. There are photographers and currency traders waiting there. Who invited them? Nobody. They went there to create an opportunity to be patronized. Part of creating opportunities for patronage is to run promos and discount deals too.

So many more things to know about the customer’s mindset.

The list is endless. Would not be able to talk on all aspect in details in this post. If you would like to know more on this subject. You can order for my full series on it titled “CUSTOMER ATTRACTION”. A step by step compilation on how to attract and gain the patronage of more customers for your business.

Contact: Tel: 08029326700

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